August 2023 Latest features and updates: Capacity Management solution launching soon, Gateley case study, Fliplet integrations, AI screen templates and more


We are getting ready and excited to launch our Capacity Management solution very soon. Whether you’re a small team or a large organization, this feature-packed solution has you covered, making it ideal for employees and managers. Here’s what to expect:

Employees can use this solution to:

  • Update daily work status and capacity
  • View assigned work opportunities and claim open ones
  • Update their list of skills so they can be featured for relevant work opportunities

Managers can use this solution to:

  • View the capacity and work status of all employees
  • Create new work opportunities and monitor existing ones
  • Search/filter based on employees’ skills
  • Create custom lists of people for different groups or projects

If you would like to find out more, speak to your Fliplet account manager or contact us.

:tada: New Fliplet Features:

  1. AI data generator tool: Provides users with a convenient and efficient way to generate custom datasets, populate databases, and seamlessly drop this information into formatted lists and forms for further use.
  2. Sign up with bio generator: A new low-code screen template that uses AI to help your app users generate a bio quickly from details they provide when signing up.
  3. Newsfeed with summary: A new screen that utilizes AI to help you summarize content such as news articles.
  4. Microsoft Custom Connector Integration: Integrate Microsoft and Office 365 with Fliplet apps using Power Automate and Azure Logic Apps.
  5. Zapier Integration: Connect your Fliplet apps with a variety of popular apps for unparalleled automation and time-saving processes, all without a single line of code.
  6. Litera Foundation Integration: Empower your attorneys with easy access to crucial Foundation data right on their mobile devices.
  7. New Fliplet Partners Page: Our partners further enhance the Fliplet experience by providing specialized expertise and support enabling you to fully leverage the platform.
  8. Partner in focus: Xperate offers a full suite of design, development, and consultancy services to help you get the most out of your Fliplet app.
  9. Digital business card: This feature has been added to our Directory solution. We have a new support article helping you set it up.

:date: Upcoming Webinars and Events:

  1. Webinar: Unleashing the Power of App Promotion: Strategies for Success. Learn how to give your app the spotlight it deserves. Join us on 7 September to learn about app promotion strategies that help reach the right audience and deliver results.
  2. Webinar: Why a Directory Solution is a game-changer for your organization. Join us on 13 September to learn how to improve communication and productivity within your organization.
  3. Webinar: AI to the max: Fliplet’s latest AI features for your apps. Join us as we present our fifth AI webinar and hear about the latest developments of how you can use AI to build your apps with Fliplet. Join us on September 20, in the meantime, you can catch up on the four previous AI webinars on demand.
  4. Webinar: Unveiling the 2023 Legal Apps Report: How the Top 200 law firms use apps. Want to understand the top app trends for Law Firms in 2023? Join us on 27 September to see our detailed findings as we launch the 2023 Legal Apps Report.
  5. Event: Legal Geek UK 2023: Attending Legal Geek in London on October 4-5th? See you there.
  6. Webinar: Fliplet Summit Q4 2023. Join us for the 4th virtual summit, which includes a keynote presentation, client case study, roadmap, product launches and new solution demos. Secure your spot.

:thought_balloon: Customer Stories

  1. Gateley: Discover how Fliplet has brought about a paradigm shift in Gateley’s problem-solving approach, saving them significant time and costs that are typically involved in traditional app development.
  2. Ward and Smith video case study: Facing a battle with the complex and time-consuming task of maintaining and updating a self-built mobile app, Ward and Smith turned to Fliplet to recreate their directory app quickly and easily, relieving the stress and pressure on the IT teams.
  3. Mayer Brown video case study: Hear from Adam Curphey, Senior Innovation Manager at Mayer Brown who discusses their journey with Fliplet, innovation and how AI fits in.
  4. SMBP: Discover how technology has transformed and streamlined operations at SMBP.

:newspaper_roll: In Other News:

  1. Plan limits: We have updated the Usage & Billing section in the app settings to display all the new app limits that are being enforced, this will help our customers understand their app usage
  2. New blog posts:

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b. How Ward and Smith Transformed their App Development Process

c. 10 Ways to Boost Hybrid Events in 2023

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