November 2023 Update: Capacity Management features are live, catch up on Fliplet Summit, a new client case study plus, 3 new screen templates, and more

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Last week we hosted our bi-annual Fliplet Summit where our CEO Ian Broom shared a keynote on ‘Apps in 2024: The year of AI’, followed by an engaging interview with special guests Stuart Rife and Kim Burkett from the HR department at EV Logistics about their journey with Fliplet. You can catch up on all the sessions on demand:

  1. Keynote Presentation: Apps in 2024: The Year of AI
  2. Customer use case presentation with EV Logistics
  3. Roadmap update
  4. Demo: Latest form updates to improve data capture
  5. Demo: New data-powered lists in Fliplet apps
  6. Demo: Accelerating app delivery with AI
  7. Infosec update

:tada: New Fliplet Features:

  1. Capacity Management features: Maximize operational efficiency with our Capacity Management features now available in our updated Directory solution.
  2. Employee Onboarding app: Start streamlining your employee onboarding and offboarding with a mobile app, using our Project Management solution in Fliplet Studio.
  3. Contact form screen: We’ve launched a new screen template to make it easy to add a contact form to your app.
  4. Log in screen for desktop: We’ve launched a new screen template with a brand new design to add a login component that looks great on desktop.
  5. Leave tracker screen: We’ve launched a new screen template to make it easy to add a leave tracker form to your app.

:date: Upcoming Webinar:

  1. Build an app in 15 minutes: Join us, for a new live training session to help you get started with Fliplet and take a deep dive into effortless app creation, the session runs every Tuesday.

:clapper: On Demand Webinars:

  1. Transform your team with real-time Capacity Management made easy: Learn more about Fliplet’s Capacity Management features in our updated Directory solution, designed to enhance your organization’s operational flexibility, transparency, and employee engagement.
  2. Legal Emergency Management solutions: 32 reasons why your firm needs one: We updated our analysis of the 32 legal Emergency Management solutions report. Plus, hear about a case study from a top 100 law firm who has built an Emergency Management solution for their clients with Fliplet.
  3. How AI-enhanced event apps will save you time and deliver value in 2024: Learn more about the AI features you can use within your Event app.
  4. Driving engagement with effective notifications: In-app and push strategies: Learn about the world of notifications and their capability to boost engagement and keep your users informed.

:thought_balloon: Customer Stories:

  1. Providence Anesthesiology Associates: Fliplet’s platform has revolutionized the way Providence Anesthesiology Associates manages patient care and clinical operations. Providence has been able to adapt to the evolving needs of its healthcare environment.

:newspaper_roll: In Other News:

  1. Why organizations choose Fliplet over Cvent: See why companies switch from Cvent to Fliplet.
  2. New blog posts:
    a. 8 Top Employee Directory Apps – Sharepoint & Microsoft Teams Integrations
    b. Ultimate Guide: How to create a Delivery App in 7 simple steps
    c. How to make a Website an App in 1 Day
  3. Fliplet Community: Take a look at our most popular topics on Fliplet Community.
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