Check out the new AI-powered "Sign up with Bio Generator" screen template!

We’ve launched a new low-code screen template that utilizes the Fliplet AI API to empower you to use AI to generate content. This sample screen will help users generate a bio from other details they provide when signing up. You can modify the fields included and even the AI prompt in the developer options JS code.

How do I use this screen template?
Use this as a sign up/registration screen in your app for new users to register. Or modify the screen title to make it an edit profile screen.

What does this screen template do?
This modifies our sign up screen to include a button that when clicked will give the user’s First Name, Title, Department, Location, Company, Skills, and Interests (filled out in the form) to AI to generate a two-paragraph bio that is then populated into the ‘Bio’ field in the form for the user to edit, if necessary.

How do I customize this screen template?
You can use this as-is or look at the developer options (the </> icon on the far right menu in Edit mode) and modify the JS code if you are comfortable with javascript.

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