October 2023 update: Fliplet Summit, 3 new screen templates, AI-powered Event app features, Capacity Management solution demo and more

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We are looking forward to hosting our bi-annual Fliplet Summit on Wednesday 29 November. Join us to discover what’s new and get an exclusive preview of the upcoming feature launches. The sessions include:

  1. Keynote Presentation with Fliplet’s CEO Ian Broom
  2. Customer use case presentation with EV Logistics where we will hear from Stuart Rife, Human Resources Manager, and Kim Burkett, Human Resources Representative
  3. Roadmap update
  4. Demo: Latest form updates to improve data capture
  5. Demo: New data-powered lists in Fliplet apps
  6. Demo: Accelerating app delivery with AI
  7. Infosec update

There’s something for everyone, no matter where you are on your Fliplet journey. You can register for free for as many sessions as you like. We look forward to seeing you there.

:tada: New Fliplet Features:

  1. AI-Powered Chatbot: The Chat screen allows your app users to chat and receive responses that are only relevant to a specific set of data you have selected.
  2. AI-Powered Search: The search screen allows your app users to perform a more advanced search using AI for data specific to your app.
  3. AI Data Generator tool: Creating dynamic and engaging app content has never been easier. You can access this tool within Fliplet Studio by clicking the + Add Screens button and filter by “Intelligence” to add to your app. The feature includes step-by-step instructions directly on the screen, ensuring you’re guided every step of the way.
  4. 3 new AI features coming soon: The team is working on an AI Image Generator, AI App Testing Planner and AI Promotional Plan Generator.
  5. ‘Log in’ desktop screen: We’ve launched a new template with a brand new design to add a login component that looks great on Desktop.
  6. ‘Leave tracker’ screen: We’ve launched a new template to make it easy to add a leave tracker form to your app.
  7. ‘Contact Form’ screen: We’ve launched a new template to make it easy to add a contact form to your app.

:date: Upcoming Webinars and Events:

  1. Build an app in 15 minutes: Join us, for a new live training session to help you get started with Fliplet and take a deep dive into effortless app creation, the session runs every Tuesday.
  2. Transform your team with real-time Capacity Management made easy: Join us on Wednesday 8 November to learn more about Fliplet’s new Capacity Management Solution, designed to enhance your organization’s operational flexibility, transparency, and employee engagement.
  3. Legal Emergency Management solutions: 32 reasons why your firm needs one: Join us on Thursday 9 November for our updated analysis of 32 legal Emergency Management solutions in the report. Plus, hear about a case study from a top 100 law firm who has built an Emergency Management solution for their clients with Fliplet.
  4. How AI-enhanced event apps will save you time and deliver value in 2024: Join us on 15 November to learn more about the AI features you can use within your Event app.
  5. Driving engagement with effective notifications: In-app and push strategies: Join us on Wednesday 22 November to learn about the world of notifications and their capability to boost engagement and keep your users informed.

:clapper: On Demand Webinars:

  1. Future-proofing HR: Strategies for seamless onboarding, development, and engagement. Gain tactics to handle four of the most pressing issues facing today’s HR teams.
  2. Unveiling the 2023 Legal Apps Report: How the Top 200 law firms use apps. Want to understand the top app trends for Law Firms in 2023? See our detailed findings as we launch the 2023 Legal Apps Report.
  3. Integrating your tech stack with Fliplet. Hear a brief overview of some of the popular integrations for law firms and some of the use cases, including Microsoft 365, HighQ and Litera Foundation.
  4. Unleashing the Power of App Promotion: Strategies for Success. Learn how to give your app the spotlight it deserves and hear about app promotion strategies that help reach the right audience and deliver results.
  5. Why a Directory Solution is a game-changer for your organization. Learn how to improve communication and productivity within your organization.
  6. AI to the max: Fliplet’s latest AI features for your apps. We presented our fifth AI webinar about the latest developments of how you can use AI to build your apps with Fliplet. You can catch up on the four previous AI webinars on demand.

:thought_balloon: Customer Stories

  1. Gowling WLG: Fliplet has helped put Gowling WLG at the forefront of digital innovation, by allowing them to transition quickly from an idea to a fully-functioning app in record time, from event apps to learning apps.
  2. Client stories: Hear from Social Mobility Business Partnership, Gowling WLG, Ward and Smith, and Gateley to discover how Fliplet helped them overcome their challenges.

:newspaper_roll: In Other News:

  1. App of the Month: Congratulations to the team at Herbert Smith Freehills for winning our App of the Month award. Discover some of the key features they used in their Dawn Raid Ready app.

  2. New blog posts: a. Fliplet Case Study: Empowering Citizen Developers at Gowling WLG b. Social Mobility Business Partnership’s Journey with Web and Mobile Apps c. 34 Proven Mobile App Promotion Strategies in 2023: Guaranteed to Boost Your Downloads d. Web Apps in 2023: How to Create a Web App in 15 Steps e. Mastering Idea Generation: A Comprehensive Guide to 30+ Techniques, Tools, and Tips f. 10 Best Team Chat Apps for your Team (2023 Updated List) g. 6 Web Application Development Platforms to Build a Free Web App h. 22 Essential Business Apps for Businesses of All Sizes

  3. Fliplet Community: Our Community has been very busy the last few weeks with over 40 posts added, take a look at some of the most popular topics.

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