July 2023 Latest features and updates: New Project Management solution, New AI features, App Promotion Generator and more

We are excited to share the launch of our brand new Project Management solution. Whether you’re a small team or a large organization, this feature-packed solution has you covered, making it ideal for:

  1. Efficiently managing tasks
  2. Keeping clients organized
  3. Streamlining case management
  4. Enhancing team collaboration
  5. Smooth project launches
  6. Successful event planning
  7. Effective onboarding process

Key features that will transform your workflow:

  1. Attaching files and documents to tasks
  2. Automated notifications
  3. Assign tasks to others
  4. Collaborate together on tasks and projects
  5. Ready to use project templates
  6. Detailed dashboard for a project overview
  7. Set priorities
  8. Track progress
  9. Access content with a QR code generator

You can sign in to your studio account to start building your project management app solution right away. Or, if you need some help getting started take a look at our support article.

:tada: New Fliplet Features:

  1. We have launched two new AI features: ‘Sign up with bio generator’ and ‘Newsfeed with summary’. These two screen templates use AI to generate and analyze content. The screen templates require low-code but you can watch Flipet’s CEO, Ian Broom demo the features in a recent webinar. Take a look at all our AI Webinars and features.
  2. App promotion generator: We have created this tool to help you generate social posts, emails, internal messages, and app store listings for your app.
  3. Digital business card: This feature has been added to our Directory solution. Users can now create a public profile accessed through a QR code, providing links to social media, contact information and portfolios.
  4. New form fields: We have added 3 new form fields to the form component. To learn more about the form component check out the support article.
  5. Community solution: Build a collaborative space and give your community a platform to share ideas and solve problems together.

:date: Upcoming Webinars and Events:

  1. Event: ILTACON 2023: Say hello to the team at ILTACON in Orlando on 20-24 August and take full advantage of our hosted sessions and presentations, including How the Top 200 Law Firms use apps. See the full schedule here and reserve your spot.
  2. Webinar: Unleashing the Power of App Promotion: Strategies for Success. Whether you’ve already launched an app or are just about to take the plunge into the app publishing world, you’ll want to maximize your app’s potential by effectively promoting it before and after launch. Join us on September 7.
  3. Webinar: AI to the Max: Fliplet’s latest AI features for your apps. Join us as we present our fifth AI webinar and hear about the latest developments in how you can use AI to build your apps with Fliplet. Join us on September 20, in the meantime, you can catch up on the four previous AI webinars on demand.
  4. Event: Legal Geek UK 2023: Attending Legal Geek in London on October 4-5th? See you there!
  5. Webinar: Fliplet Summit Q4 2023. Join us for the 4th virtual summit, which includes a keynote presentation, client case study, roadmap, product launches, and new solution demos. Secure your spot.

:video_camera: On Demand Webinar:

  1. Mobile apps in Healthcare: How the top 200 organizations use apps. Learn which healthcare organizations are leaders in the app solution space, and the top trends from our research.

:thought_balloon: Customer Stories

  1. Ward and Smith video case study: Facing a battle with the complex and time consuming task of maintaining and updating a self-built mobile app, Ward and Smith turned to Fliplet to recreate their directory app quickly and easily, relieving the stress and pressure on the IT teams.
  2. Mayer Brown video case study: Hear from Adam Curphey, Senior Innovation Manager at Mayer Brown who discusses their journey with Fliplet, innovation, and how AI fits in.
  3. SMBP: Discover how technology has transformed and streamlined operations at SMBP.

:newspaper_roll: In Other News:

  1. Plan limits: At Fliplet, we believe in empowering you with the best features tailored to your unique needs. That’s why we’ve implemented Plan Limits - to ensure you have access to the correct features for your pricing plan and to protect your Fliplet app against abuse or errors.
  2. Weekly app analytics: Receive a usage report every Wednesday detailing information on your published apps. You will discover app users, app user sessions, app user interactions, new data submissions, push notifications sent, emails sent, and forms submitted.
  3. New blog posts:
  4. a. Top 10 Task Management Apps for Teams
  5. b. The Top 10 Innovation Management Software for Enterprise Organizations
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Thanks for reading and if you have any questions please contact us.