We've just launched an AI-powered chatbot you can add to your apps!

Using two new screen templates ‘(1a) AI Search/Chat Config’ & ‘(2b) AI Chat’, (and optionally a third screen ‘(1b) AI Seach/Chat Config List’ if you want to modify and configure multiple chat configurations) you can now make your own data searchable via a chat interface using OpenAI.

How do I use this screen template?
You MUST first add the ‘Intelligent Seach/Chat Configuration’ screen as that will help you set up your data to be searchable. This screen should be visible to admins to update in case your data changes, otherwise the search parameters may not be valid. Create a search name, type of data (currently only people/directory data or news/content data is supported), data source, and columns. Do not include any private or personal data. If you want to be able to update/manage the configuration or have multiple configurations, it is recommended you add the ‘(1b) AI Search/Chat Config List’ screen. Then you can add the ‘AI Chat’ screen to your app and test that you can chat and get relevant responses from your data.

What does this screen template do?
The Chat screen allows your app users to chat and receive responses that are only relevant to a specific set of data and specific columns you have selected.

How do I customize this screen template?
Customizing the screen templates beyond the data changes will require editing the screen Javascript. We recommend you only potentially modify the two prompts that are sent to OpenAI and listed at the top of the code in the ‘AI Chat’ screen.