Management Systems on Progressive Web Apps

Developing thinking around Progressive Web Apps for complex management systems like ISO27001, especially for the smaller business.

I’ve copied this over from another post 'cos I’m lazy. The challenge was how to compress lots of often complex detail into the most simple of structures that will work in a PWA App. We need two parts for this. The beta ‘Portal App’ which is like FlipLet’s Viewer and is now Apple and Googles stores and almost on Amazon. Then behind this is a portfolio of ‘Work Apps’ that actually do the job, such as ISO217001 or environment or governance. What is planned will get a hard 3rd party audit in December as the content will be used in both. Hopefully, looking for test-pilots at the end of October.

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It’s a fantastic idea Ken and ISO27001 is complex so anything that helps will be welcomed.

Let me know how I can review it?