ISO27001 and Information Systems Management System (ISMS)

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The original discussion here on security and assurance of Apps, got me thinking. It might be possible to construct an ISMS in FlipLet. It would be a substantial App for sure, but it would help many smaller business improve how they work, and with the per app pricing, it makes economic sense. Time to explore and experiment and if anyone would to comment on the idea, that would be interesting to see?

Hi Ken

I’ve seen a few ISMS products online. None support mobile that I found, not that that’s a primary requirement but it may be useful to capture data via an app. I think you’re right, you could build a record keeping app in Fliplet to support ISO27001.

Its worth the experiment here I think. I am about to regenerate a governance framework to ‘house’ an ISO27 ISMS. As I do each stage, I will also produce a FlipLet App session, this way it will reflect a fully grown up and working schema, not an idealised model of how it might be. Will report back over the next few weeks on this.

Thanks Ken, I look forward to hearing about your progress and any functional limitations you hit. Hopefully we can help you overcome them quickly.

thanks, the main obstacle is how to store the administration. Meeting minutes and such. A challenge to see if we can make this happen over the next few months.