June 2024 Update: Enhanced Analytics Dashboard, Multi-Environment Feature, Learning Solution Update and more

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We’re excited to bring you the latest updates and features from Fliplet. Here are the top highlights for June 2024:

:bar_chart: Enhanced Analytics Dashboard: New data includes detailed session info, technology info, and a communications dashboard

:globe_with_meridians: Multi-Environment Feature: Manage and deploy apps across different environments for a streamlined lifecycle

:loudspeaker: Google Push Notifications Update: GCM API deprecated by June 20, 2024. Update your Android push notifications

:brain: Improved Learning Solution: AI enhancements make course and lesson creation easier

:speech_balloon: Customer Success Story: Learn how James built a business with his MyGoodbyes app

:lock: ISO 27001 Audit Success: Compliant with the 2022 standard

:bar_chart: New Analytics Dashboard

Our updated Analytics Dashboard now includes detailed session info, technology info, and a new Communications dashboard. For more details, watch the Roadmap presentation from our recent Summit or visit our help documentation.

:globe_with_meridians: Multi-Environment Feature

Fliplet’s new multi-environment feature allows app builders and studio users to build, manage, and deploy apps across different environments, such as development, testing, staging, and production. This ensures compliance with the Software Development Life Cycle and reduces the risk of errors. The beta version of this feature is now available. Watch the webinar recording or contact your Account Manager to learn more about using this multi-environment.

:loudspeaker: Google Cloud Messaging Deprecation

Google has announced the deprecation of their legacy Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) API, which will be completely removed after June 20, 2024. This will affect current Android push notification services. Detailed information on the necessary changes has been sent to all Enterprise customers. Find out more about updating existing services.

:iphone:Apple Update: Xcode 15 Compatibility

As of April 29, 2024, all apps uploaded to App Store Connect must be built with Xcode 15 for iOS 17 or iPadOS 17. Fliplet apps are fully compatible with these new requirements. Please note that users will need iOS 17 or later to access apps published after this date. Learn more

:brain: Updated Learning Solution

Our Learning Solution has been enhanced to help users get started with building courses more efficiently, now with AI-assisted course and lesson creation. Discover the updated features.

:tada: App of the Month: Know Your Rights Camp

Congratulations to the team at Know Your Rights Camp for winning our App of the Month award! Their app provides education, resources, and self-empowerment to communities. It stands out for its engaging features, including videos, podcasts, live camp information, and more. Explore their app.

:wave: Meet Fliplet at Upcoming Events

We’d love to catch up if you’re attending the following conferences:

  • Legal Geek North America: June 20 in Chicago
  • ILTACON: August 11-15 in Nashville

Reply to this email, and we’ll book some time to meet at the event.

:thought_balloon: Customer Success Story: MyGoodbyes

In our latest case study, James Barrett, founder of MyGoodbyes, discusses how he built an app and a business from the ground up with Fliplet. Here are some key highlights:

  • Enhanced Accessibility: The mobile-friendly design allows users to engage with the planning process anytime, anywhere.
  • Customization and Control: Offering white-labeled versions to corporate clients, the app empowers organizations to prioritize employee well-being without needing extensive coding knowledge.
  • Continuous Innovation: Ongoing updates ensure that MyGoodbyes remains at the forefront of end-of-life planning technology.

James shares, “Fliplet’s platform enabled us to quickly build and iterate on our app, ensuring we meet the unique needs of our users. The support from Fliplet has been instrumental in our success.” Watch the case study.

:lock: ISO 27001 Audit Success

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully concluded our ISO 27001 audit, remaining compliant with the 2022 standard.

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