January 2023 Latest Updates


We hope your 2023 is off to a fantastic start, and here are a few Fliplet updates that you may be interested in.

New app solutions:

  1. Task Management solution enables you to create simple and advanced task lists and collaborate with other users.
  2. Data Capture solution is a collection of popular data collection features, including surveys, journal entries, medicine consumption, and more, to suit your needs.
  3. Coming soon: Emergency Management solution, HR Workflow solution, and a Capacity Management upgrade to the Corporate Directory solution.

New features:

  1. The new slider feature, enable users to select a numerical value on a sliding scale between a minimum and maximum value
  2. We have updated our article ‘Publishing an app to Google Play Store.’ This article now reflects Google’s latest version of the Google Console. The article gives you a step-by-step guide and a demo video on publishing your app to the Google Play Store.

Other news:

  1. New home page on Fliplet.com featuring a list of new ways to use Fliplet, including links to relevant case studies and content.
  2. We have a new article assessing Employee Engagement solutions, including the main features and why you may want an employee engagement app.
  3. Discover more posts on the Community about customizing apps with CSS and how to use Javascript to calculate dates.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Kind regards,
The Fliplet Team

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