Fliplet Clients - What 1 feature would you like to see added in 2021?

Fliplet Clients: Tell us what 1 feature you would really like to see added this year? Id really love to hear your ideas and thoughts.

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  1. WAGC II compliance for accessibility
  2. Flexible calendar picker to choose random non-consecutive date

WCAG compliance is something we have to constantly work on but the Form Component, List from Data Source, and all Menus are currently AA compliant.

We have been discussing our date picker with our Product team on a regular basis as we know many clients want an improvement, especially in their RtO/ROMS apps.

Thank you for the feedback!

The ability to set reminder events for already diarised events would be great and useful for one of our current projects…

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Hi Emma, just to clarify, are you referring to a list of events within an app reminding users when the event will start eg 1 day before?

Hopefully all text could be editable from the menu panes for easy accessibility adjustments (without custom CSS). All component designs should consider the need for larger font sizes. In general, make accessibility the first consideration, not an afterthought. An accessible ‘Theme’ might be an option. Thanks!


Thanks Fran, that’s a great suggestion. We will put some time aside to test what features don’t support larger fonts and see what we can do to fix it. @twu

The capability from a Fliplet app to add a calendar entry into the Outlook app when using a mobile device (Apple IOS). vCal Javascript currently only works in a Windows browser.

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Thanks for your post @prestwood. This is a feature we have discussed a few times internally and explored the different ways it can be done. Would you also want the ability to add appointments on computer as well?

Do you use Android or only iOS?

I am new to the platform and will 2nd your #2 request. We have used the Mobiscroll in a couple PWA developments and it has tons of options. A project that might hit first of the year may require us to see about embedding this library into the platform. https://mobiscroll.com/

Thanks @DBSwebDesigns that’s really useful. What specific feature of mobiscroll are you referring to? There may be a code solution we can offer.

@ibroom I was referring to the date picker portion that was mentioned in the original post, but mobiscroll has numerous calendar view options that were crafted very well.

Thanks @DBSwebDesigns
Mobiscroll controls may work in Fliplet too. It looks like an advanced library. I’ll investigate.