Weekly Push Notifications

Hello, I create apps for small businesses.
Each business would like the ability to send Push notifications to their users EACH WEEK.
For each app, I have an “Admin” section so the main owners have access to hidden menus.
In the main Admin menu - I would like a page for the Owner to Set Up/Edit/Delete a weekly scheduled push notification.

For example:
On Tuesdays, they run a weekly financial webinar.

  • The Owner would have the ability to go on their app, add a scheduled push notification, set it on “Weekly” (or monthly or daily… if possible for some)
  • Then the PUSH notification gets sent out automatically on that date/time

I want it to look just like the “Notifications” sent from the Fliplet dashboard.

I just want the “Admin” (Owner of the business) to be able to send push notifications on a scheduled basis!

Not sure if this is the platform to mention, but if I need to hire someone to help code this or make the screen for me, I would be happy to pay someone.

Thanks for any and all help!

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Hi Chase,

This would be quite complicated for a snippet of code and would require support from someone who is familiar with coding.

I would recommend reaching out on our developers/partners category or looking for a freelance coder to support.

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