New: Server side automated App Actions

Today we launched our developer documentation for our upcoming App Actions feature. You can read the docs at App Actions | Fliplet Developers Documentation

The feature will be live in a few weeks and may not be available on all plans. If you’re interested in this feature please get in touch or leave a response here to request access.

What is it? The App Actions library allows you to configure app screens to run automatically at a scheduled time or carry out an ad-hoc operations and automations in the cloud.

Sample use cases

  1. Weekly reports on app usage via email
  2. Push notifications to users if users have a booking for today
  3. Importing RSS feeds daily & notifying users via push notifications when new items are found
  4. Automatically checkout all check-ins at midnight or on-demand
  5. Send weekly reminders for users to take update their working status
  6. Integration with 3rd party tools
  7. Return data based on user’s rights