Adding notifications within the app

Is there a way to send a notification to users within my app? Rather than going to Fliplet + Notifications


Yes. When would you like to send a notification?

Thank you for responding Ibroom!
I would like to have a Screen within my app that allows me to send a notification to all or some users as needed. So the answer is, I would like to send notifications to users at any point.

I am asking my colleagues as they may have an example. Note: if this feature is in an app you will need to ensure it is secured or any user could send notifications to all your users.

This is possible with code using the notifications api Notifications JS APIs | Fliplet Developers Documentation

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Good news Chase!

In the Communications app template there is a ‘manage communication’ admin screen that has the ability to send all sorts of comms to different groups of users. Have a look, it might be what you’re after or you may be able to alter it to be what you want. There are support documents for this template that cover this feature. You can find them at