Automate - In-App Notification

Hi, Is there a way that the notification will be sent to users everytime that there is a change or someone posted something from the post/newsfeed? Like other social media notifications,that you will get notified verytime someone posted something

thanks for you help!

Hi Lhynne,

There a couple of steps you can take to add this to your app the simplest way.

  1. First, open the existing form where users will be posting to newsfeed
  2. Add a new checkbox field to the form just like this:
  3. Go back to your Fliplet Studio account and select “create new app”
  4. Add the community solution to your app
  5. Open the solution and go to the manage post screen
  6. Open the developer options by clicking </> on the right hand side
  7. Open the JavaScript and copy the code and place it on the screen where your existing form is.
  8. Now go back to the community solution and open the Global JavaScript, by clicking the </> on the right hand side. Choose the Global tab at the top of the screen.
  9. Scroll down to row 829 and copy down to row 993.
  10. Go back to your app and paste this into the global code

Users will now be notified of a new post.

I have already figure it out now, but whenever I copy the code and place it on the manage screen of my existing form I am receiving an error

I am now receiving javascript error even I deleted what I added. I did tried to copy the post and manage posts from the community solution, but I am receiving a javascript error all the time

Hi Lhynne,

I have picked this one up on email with you