Hi, would like to explore using STRIPE as a merchant card mechanism, probably as a separate app in the portfolio. Any pointers or examples?

Hi Ken,

Have you had a look at Payments JS API | Fliplet Developers Documentation ?

It’s currently a technical feature and it does require someone to understand how to use javascript code. Do you have anyone who could help you? If not we may be able to refer you to a developer.

Note - Apple and Google app stores require you to use their in app payment currently but this seems to be changing. Just today I purchased a service delivered via video call using Stripe built into an app on iOS

I have a colleague who did the Empathy psychometric app on FlipLet, if you can point me to the code set we can have a go before long?

Hi Ken

Sorry, I don’t understand. Are you after more than the above documentation?

The STRIPE is OK, have the details needed.