Does Fliplet support Apple and Google in-app purchases for digital goods?

  1. We do not support mobile in app purchases because Apple and Google take 30%.

  2. An alternative is to take payment via a Fliplet web app using Stripe that would update a user’s account to confirm payment has been received. This needs to be done in line with section 3.1.3 of Apple App Store guidelines. We already support Stripe payments and the commission is about 3%.

  3. Another alternative is to add services or physical products to the offering therefore Stripe can be used for purchases within the mobile app as Apple and Google do not want to take a cut for physical goods or services. See section 3.1.3 of the Apple App Store guidelines for more information on what’s allowed.

If I wanted in app purchases in my, could I discuss it with Fliplet?

Yes, it’s possible to add to your app. However, as it is not a standard feature within Fliplet studio, if this is something of interest, please contact us for a quote.