Paid Content


I am building an app for a customer who would like to have content hidden for subscribed users only.
I understand how to hide content based on user type -

My question is, in a typical app on the app store, there is a free version and a paid version. I would like to duplicate this.
How can I set up a subscription screen?
Then how can I connect user privileges with the user who paid for their subscription?
Whether the user paid monthly or annually etc

If this is only done by custom coding, I understand, but if there is something already within Fliplet - I’d love to use that!

I hope my questions were clear, thank you!

Hi Chase,

You can put screens behind an additional log in but to add a paywall to your app you would need to add a stripe integration. This would require a paid plan with API access and this would also require custom code to implement. Should you require coding support, take a look here.

However, it’s worth noting, per Apple’s policy you can sell physical goods but not digital goods without going via Apple.
You can see more on this here

Thank you! I have some studying to do here!