Travel Buddy

Purpose of the app

Tourism is a trillion dollars industry and solo traveling is very common but there was not a single good digital solution for solo travelers to network with other travelers. They had to use Facebook groups to network with other people but the main problem is trust for them. In this app, I solved this problem by developing an app that will show other travelers who are going to the same destination. The app will help the end-users to find the common interests, and other common factors between other users so it gives enough reasons for the user to trust the other travelers.

Main features of the app

1- Users’ can submit their travel itineraries. Users’ can connect with other users who are going to the same country, same city, and same places on the same dates.

2- Users’ can write and share their travel experiences in the form of submitting reviews. Also, in the same way, users’ can read the travel reviews of other travelers or users.

3- Users can report the lost items in the form of listings. So other users who find the items can reach the user who has lost the item.

What features this app uses from Fliplet

1- Forms
2- Data Source
3- Template
4- Authentication / Security
5- Registration
6- Edit Profile


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