Upcoming template: Directory

Hi Everyone

Fliplet is producing a new app template called Directory

What can this app be used for?
People are at the heart of every successful organisation. In order to foster a culture of collaboration and transparency, people need to be able to see, connect and communicate. Key features are:

  1. Find people and learn about colleagues
  2. View contact information, background information and emergency information
  3. Only specific people will be able to view emergency information, access can be granted based on a set of sophisticated security rules
  4. Org chart that is easy to browse and instantly updated whenever records are updated
  5. Offices information including travel information
  6. Facilities and meeting rooms available at each office
  7. Events including office, company, training and social events
  8. Connect to the person via email, phone and 3rd party tools like Teams or Jabber
  9. Creating custom contact lists for projects, events, social activities
  10. Integration with existing APIs or databases is available e.g. Workday or SQL Server
  11. App will support SSO/ADFS
  12. App can be distributed on web via URL and mobile via MDM

When will it be available?
Beta launch: August 2021
Final launch: September 2021

This is a sneak peak at some early design ideas we have for the Org Chart feature:


I know some clients are really going to love this Directory, can’t wait to see it Live.

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