My app - Host at Home

Here’s my app created with Fliplet.

Would love any feedback!

Web App
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Can you post some screenshots and an explanation of your app and its key features please?

It would also be great to know what Fliplet features you used to produce your app.

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Sure! The purpose of my app is to help plan, prep and get inspired to host an at home event or celebration, which is more and more common now due to Covid!

I used a number of Fliplet’s features including: The login component, share, like and bookmarking to help users communicate, use of the email template feature to send invites to the guestlist, the form component to help you track what you need to host the event and the LFD function for all the apps content.

I also used the developer options to add custom code for a shopping list feature where you can create a list of items you need to purchase before the event!

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Thanks Mel, this looks great.