Statements are not able to be clicked in the Task Management software

I am using the task management solution and have two problems: the first is that on the “Statements” Page, I have statements that should be coming from Tasks Data and should be able to display. When I click on the statement, I am getting an uncaught in promise erorr.

The second is my simple checklist is showing the tasks for all users. Not just the assignee and assigner.

Anyone know how to fix these?

Also, how do I show this to you all so you can take a look at the backend?

Thanks so much,

Hi Emily,

When you are testing this, are you logged into the app and using preview mode? It sounds like there is no logged in user so it is not giving you the correct data.

You can email us on or use the live chat inside Studio so that we can have a look at your app and let you know if we are seeing the same issues :slight_smile: