Our new List with tabs screen template has been released!

We’ve launched a new template to help users add tabs and separate the data in the detailed view of a list from data source, it’s really easy to set up using the data view settings.

How do I use this screen template?
When adding content from a data source that has a lot of data, it’s easier for the end user to read if the content is separated under the relevant tabs.
A good example of this is when adding a user directory to an app.

What does this screen template do?
This screen template allows the end user to break down the data source content into different tabs that are entirely customizable without using any custom code.

How do I customize this screen template?
I can add tabs according to my needs and can choose which data fields to display to the end user and where they are displayed.

For instructions on how to use this new template please take a look at our support article.

How is this different than the sections we have had in the product today. For example, under an attorneys name now I have sections for Details/Credentials/Personal, which sort of work like tabs.

Is this change just visual? The sections look more like tabs now?
Or is there more to it?


Hi Jeff,

Have you seen the directory screen we have on our Directory Solution?
The List with tabs screen template is a simplified version of that screen, and yes the tabs have a different design.
The idea behind this template was to allow users to easily add tabs to their List from data source using a single screen, this can be particularly useful when users have a lot of data they’d like to show, breaking it down into sections and then adding the content to different tabs will make it easier for users as they don’t have to scroll through a long list of details for example.

Let me know if you have any questions.