New screen templates launched - Results Dashboard

We’re happy to announce that we’ve launched the new “Event Feedback Survey Results Dashboard”, “Employee Survey Results Dashboard” and “Feedback form Results Dashboard” screen templates!
These screens allow users easily show data from any of the app data sources to the charts on the screen and in turn make it easy to visualise this data in one screen.

For more information on how to use Fliplet’s screen templates please visit: Screen templates and screen management - Fliplet Knowledge Center

How do I use these screen templates?
Selecting the most relevant data that I want to display, these screens make it easy to simply change the data sources and the data source columns that I wish to display, these screens are pre-formatted across the various device types and this saves me time it would take to ensure the Dashboards look as expected.

What do these screen templates do?
They allow users to add a visually appealing data Dashboard to their apps so they can see this data at a glance,

How do I customize this screen?
By customizing the charts, please review this support article to find out more.
The colours can be updated, more text can be added and the data can be displayed as needed.