Latest features and updates: Why AI is a game changer for your business and apps, upcoming eCommerce solution, Emergency Management solution, Fliplet Summit and more

Hi there,

We are excited to share with you a few Fliplet updates you may be interested in, including our new eCommerce and Ordering solution coming soon.

From restaurants and retail to healthcare and service-based businesses, the eCommerce and Ordering solution can be valuable for organizations looking to streamline the order and purchase process.

The solution will include some essential features such as:

:white_check_mark: Placing orders for services

:white_check_mark: Product listings

:white_check_mark: Shopping cart functionality

:white_check_mark: Payment processing

:white_check_mark: Processing orders with your customers

:white_check_mark: Fulfilment management

:white_check_mark: Stripe integration

Speak to a member of our team or contact your Account Manager to find out more information.

New features:

  1. New Legal Market Report: Emergency Management Solutions For Clients. This eBook offers a detailed analysis of 32 public legal Emergency Management solutions for clients.
  2. We launched our Emergency Management solution: Organizations can handle various external emergencies, such as unannounced inspections and cyber incidents, as well as internal emergencies, like IT outages and natural disasters.
  3. Archive, delete and restore apps: on Fliplet Studio: Archiving apps prevent the home screen from being cluttered and allow for easy navigation and access to live apps.
  4. New list with tabs screen: Organize data into tabs for a cleaner and more efficient view, avoiding the need to scroll through long lists.
  5. New “Follow us” screen: Expand your social media presence by encouraging your app users to follow your social media accounts.
  6. Four menu screens have been updated: We have revamped our menu screens to ensure your apps are visually appealing and modern.
  7. App analytics weekly email: A weekly report containing the usage and analytics for your apps will be emailed to you every Wednesday.

Upcoming webinars and events:

  1. Webinar: Why AI is a game changer for your business and your apps. Discover the countless possibilities that AI gives you for app creation.
  2. Webinar: 32 Legal Emergency Management solutions and why your firm needs one. Perfect for helping understand the types of solutions the legal industry is producing to help clients manage an emergency.
  3. Virtual event: Fliplet Summit Q2 2023: Learn about Fliplet’s new solutions and get a preview of upcoming solutions as well as a keynote presentation, client case study, and solution demos.
  4. Conference: Legal Marketing Association: Fliplet will be attending LMA 2023 in Hollywood, Florida, so if you’re going, come and say hello to us at booth #415.

Other news:

  1. February app of the month award: went to EV Logistics. Their app, EV Connect, has revolutionized how the company operates, fostering a culture of collaboration, communication, and employee engagement.
  2. New blog posts:
    a. 5 steps to prepare for a Dawn Raid
    b. 16 Top Features of a Successful Mobile App
    c. Healthcare Application Development – Ultimate Guide 2023
    d. How to scale mobile enterprise app development without coding or IT resources
  3. Updated Data Source Management UI: Using code, you can create more advanced security rules and provide a secure way to grant access to user data.
  4. HighQ integration: Fliplet has begun working on its HighQ integration. If you’d like to discuss this, please get in touch, we’d love to learn about your requirements.
  5. Data Integration Service: If you use Fliplet’s Data Integration Service, please be aware that all API tokens now require specific data source security rules.
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Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions, please contact us.