My Profile Update - internal comms template

For Build VAP-Build1x, Account – solved it - need to switch on update data source, so out of the box it is off

I am using the Internal Comms template, on a test build, adding in existing information such as name.
Got name & Surname working. Then adding in the new information we need to capture.
However two problems.

Issue 1
Using existing form every time I submitted the form it DID NOT update the existing record but added a new line. So I also created a new instance of Internal Comms on a different account and retried just incase it was something to do with the one I was working on that also behaved the same way.

Issue 2
I got back the name /surname /title for the login in profile - I added a new field called Regions to the form using a drop down. When I tried to set this up the same way as before it did not show the Region.