New Template: Communications Solution

Hi All,

Fliplet has a new app template live for use. We are excited to introduce Communications Solution!

Our Comms solution is an all-in-one app that provides groups with the necessary tools to promote transparency, engage users, and bring all collaborative conversations, news updates, and tools into one app available on any device. Engage your team, customers or audience like never before, promote your culture, and simplify communication across your network.

The communications solution can be used for:

  1. Department or company communication
  2. Project communication including small or large projects
  3. Event communication including offsites, courses, seminars, social events, etc
  4. Group communication including company, alumni, social, sports, music, community, school, and any other type of group
  5. Community communication such as trade body, associations, NGO, etc

The communication template facilitates group communication across a wide range of scenarios and users.

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Fantastic image and template. I can’t wait to see what people use it for.

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