How to test your new app really easily (via the web app)

Recently I was working with a customer who was concerned about the time it would take to launch an app to the app stores in order to commence testing.

We discussed they could use the web app. The web app has the following benefits:

  1. instant deployment
  2. supports push notifications
  3. easy access for testers (as opposed to Fliplet Viewer which is more complicated)

How to publish your app on web: Web Publishing - Fliplet Knowledge Center

Web apps do not offer the following mobile app features therefore they cannot be used to test these features:

  1. in app updates
  2. offline access

Are there any other pros or cons to using web apps for testing?

In the Fliplet Studio, the text does not make that distinction when describing the functionality options, it would be useful that it did?

Good suggestion @mark I’ll forward it to the developers and ask them to factor it into Studio so it’s clear. Thank you.