Virus Scanning for File manager

We have added Antivirus protection for all newly uploaded files from both Studio (e.g. file manager and file picker) and Apps (e.g. forms)

  • Files are scanned as soon as they are uploaded. It roughly takes 30 seconds. If a file is found to be infected, it will be quarantined and put in the trash folder, and marked as infected when seen via the File Manager

  • Infected files can’t be used in apps or downloaded by app users and studio users.

  • Antivirus definitions in our backend systems are updated every day as new bulletins come in

Coming soon in Q4 to support the new virus scanning -

  • Fliplet will scan all previously uploaded files and report if any viruses were found
  • Fliplet will scan files regularly (e.g. every 3-6 months) as new virus definitions are available so we’re able to detect viruses in previously uploaded files
  • When a virus is found, an email will be sent to organization admins and the Studio user having uploaded a file (when uploaded via Studio).
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