May 2024 Update: Fliplet Summit Sessions, Infosec Updates, New Fliplet Features, and more

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Key highlights in this month’s update:

:date: Fliplet Summit Sessions Announced
:pushpin: Important Infosec Updates
:tada: New Fliplet Features
:balance_scale: Legal Event App Report
:wave: Meet Fliplet at Upcoming Events

:date: Fliplet Summit: Keynote on top trends and tips for monetizing apps in 2024

We are looking forward to Fliplet Summit next Thursday 16 May. There’s something for everyone, no matter where you are on your Fliplet journey.

It’s an opportunity for you to see what’s new and get an exclusive preview of the upcoming feature launches.

The agenda is as follows:

  • Keynote presentation: Monetizing apps
  • Customer story from BLG Beyond
  • Roadmap update
  • Demo: New data-powered screens in Fliplet apps
  • Demo: Accelerate delivery and improve engagement with AI-powered learning solution
  • Demo: SDLC compliance with multiple Fliplet environments
  • Infosec update

Register to attend or receive the recording via Webinar: Fliplet Q2 2024 Summit

:pushpin: Important Infosec Updates

This month we are undergoing our annual audit for ISO 27001.

The steps to rotate configuration details have been updated in the Help articles for Push Notifications and Single Sign on with SAML 2.

Fliplet’s subprocessor list is now available via

:tada: New Fliplet Features

  1. Fliplet is launching 3 new features to help our customers get more app users and understand what your users want from your app.
  • App promotion: perfect for pilots, testing and promoting apps to new users. This feature will send a series of emails to your users promoting the benefits of your app and how to access the app. As soon as a user engages they will automatically cease receiving promotion emails.

  • App coaching: after users sign up, the app will automatically send push notifications to encourage the user to explore the app’s features over a period of 2 weeks. The goal is to remind new users of the various features of the app and make it easy for them to engage with them. During a pilot this can help to ensure all the features of the app have been reviewed.

  • App feedback: the app will ask the user for their feedback about the app. The information will be emailed weekly to the app editors informing them what users think of the app. This information can be used to help improve the app and follow up with users who have shared information. During a pilot this can help collect feedback from your users automatically.

For more information, please contact

  1. Two new form fields have been released:
  • Reorder list: A multi-input option to enable users to order the list items to their preference.
  • Custom button: Allows more functionality to the actions available for end users in a form such as linking to a new form or open a document.
  1. Let your app users see AI responses as they happen using our updated JS API. Read more in this Developers Article

:balance_scale: Legal Event App Report

Following on from our hugely popular Legal Apps Report last year, we also released a supplementary report specifically for Legal Events Apps to understand how the top 200 law firms are utilizing event apps. View the report and book a meeting if you’d like to find out more

More Fliplet News

:star2: App of the Month

Congratulations to the team at Mayer Brown for winning our App of the Month award! Their Pass It On app is designed to reduce solid waste and improve the environment.

What makes it stand out?

  • Provides employees in the Hong Kong office with a way to exchange and donate items, promoting a sustainable way of living
  • Great onboarding and app tutorial to engage and onboard users
  • FAQs and Contact features to support user enquiries

:thought_balloon: New Customer Success Story

In our latest case study, James Barrett, founder of MyGoodbyes discusses how he built an app and a business from the ground up with Fliplet. Watch the case study

:wave: Meet Fliplet at Upcoming Events

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