Upcoming upgrade: Quiz

Hi everyone

We’ve had a low-code Quiz feature in the Marketing app template for a while. It adds a great interactive assessment feature to your app.

However, we knew that it wasn’t the easiest to manage and have been working on a no-code version of the feature.

We did an internal demo of the feature to showcase how this would work for our users.

Here’s an early sneak peek at how no-code Quiz feature would look and feel.

We’d love to hear what you think and what you’d plan to do with the feature. As we get closer to the launch date, there will be more thorough demos available. Or even better, because it’s no-code, you can play with the feature and set up your own quiz to see how it works!


Outstanding development to the platform.

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Looking forward to this one! We get lot’s of questions about the quiz, this will definitely make it simpler

Exciting !

I am looking forward to when we have a screen template for this year. It should mean quizzes can be setup in a few minutes without any code or complex configuration

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