🚀 Publishing Update: Version Number Now Displayed in Publishing Dashboard!

What’s New? You’ll find an extra piece of information displayed in the App Build Summary section of our Publishing Dashboard - the Version Number. This version number will now appear right underneath the existing Build Number, and it’s designed to help you better correlate app store issues with the specific build of your app.

Why is This a Big Deal? You might be wondering why this seemingly small addition is such a significant improvement. Well, let us explain!

Imagine you’ve submitted your app to the app store, and suddenly you start receiving user reports about crashes or bugs. In the past, it could be quite challenging to pinpoint which build of your app was causing the issue, especially if you’re releasing updates frequently.

With the new Version Number display, you’ll no longer have to play a guessing game. You’ll be able to quickly identify which version of your app is causing trouble, making it easier to:

How Does it Work? It’s super simple! When you navigate to a specific app’s publishing dashboard and view the App submission status section, you’ll see both the Build Number and the Version Number clearly listed. This way, you can keep track of your app’s versions effortlessly.