New screen template launched - Follow us

We’re happy to announce that we’ve launched a new “Follow us” screen template!
This allows users easily add a follow us on social media screen to their app, it’s easy to configure as users can simply add their social media links and change the text accordingly.

For more information on how to use Fliplet’s screen templates please visit: Screen templates and screen management - Fliplet Knowledge Center

How do I use this screen template?
I add it to my app and ensure that my social media links are added too so app users can easily find my social media accounts.

What does this screen template do?
It allows users with no coding experience to easily add their social media links to the app, simply clicking on the relevant social media icon will take the user to the right page, note that these links are external so users will be taken out of the app.

How do I customize this screen?
I add the relevant social media links, delete any that might not be necessary, add relevant text, change the background color to another color or image and I can add my brand logo.

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