My App - BooKeeper

The purpose of the BooKeeper app is to allow users to create smart bookshelves and keep track of their books.

The main functions of the application:

  • Add/Edit/Delete Books - LFD Component
  • ISBN (International Standard Book Number) Search on - Code Library
  • ISBN Barcode scanner (Not fully implemented, as it requires advanced knowledge of JS) - Code Library
  • Add Reviews - LFD Component
  • Comment on other users’ reviews - LFD Component
  • news - RSS feed Component
  • Admin options: Manage Users/Books/Reviews/Comments: - LFD Component

The objective of the barcode scanner is to automatically add the scanned book to the BooKeeper bookshelf.
Requires the connection of an ISBN database.

ISBN scanner workflow:

  1. User scans the book barcode
  2. The system searches the database for the received ISBN
  3. Creates a new record in My Books LFD and substitutes data from ISBN DB into required fields
  4. User clicks on Add button.


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