My App - Ball-in

Ball-in has been built to help users find local basketball games!

Built from the ‘blank template’ the app’s functions enable users to;

  • Find a game at their local court
  • Decide if they are interested based on time, location, game style, and seeing who else is in
  • Register their interest, and let others know they’re turning up
  • Initiate a game/competition of their own (set the way they like)!

To test the usability of the app I asked friends and colleagues to navigate their way around. This enabled me to identify gaps in flows & UX and make the necessary corrections before publishing on to the app store.

To promote the app I will utilise the promote functionality within Fliplet - I will copy the template suggested and share it with friends on social media channels (including existing Basketball WhatsApp groups).

To validate the success of the app I will be closely checking the analytics (found on the homepage) to see whether usage is indeed increasing. I will also be checking the analytics each time I make updates to ensure the impact of the changes is positive.

With this app, the ‘network effect’ will be a key element in seeing it succeed - so added input from myself in getting adequate number of users involved to start with will be paramount.

Look forward to hearing your comments? Ideas of added features?

Check out some screenshots below;

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