Webinar: How apps boost client and prospect engagement

Hi Fliplet Community!

You are invited to a webinar where you will hear how a top firm saw an increase in engagement after launching a law comparison app as part of a suite of 15 apps.

With the competition for client and prospect attention the strongest it’s ever been, it’s never been more critical to cut through the clutter to engage with your audience. Many organizations are now realising the benefit of including apps within their marketing channels. Join us to hear real world examples of how you can benefit too.

In this webinar we’ll delve into:

  • A brief intro to Fliplet
  • How Marketing and BD teams gain value from creating apps
  • A case study from the marketing department of a top law firm
  • The features and benefits of apps you can use to attract and engage with clients and prospects

DATE: Wednesday 2 November 2022
TIME: 11am ET / 4pm UK

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