I need to limit a twitter feed to only one specific hashtag

On the “Twitter Feed” Screen, I can only modify to show the full timeline of one account.

I’ve been trying to modify the URL part to contain search parameters, but this doesn’t work.

//This custom code adds a Twitter feed, change the URL below to your relevant twitter URL
function addTwitterTimeline() {
var src =
var tpl = Handlebars.compile(src);

		url: 'https://twitter.com/tweetyrudelapp', // CHANGE THIS TO YOUR TWITTER FEED URL
		width: $('.page-container').width()

I want a feed that ONLY displays Tweets using the Hashtag SchleckRezept.

Can anyone help?

Hi Birgit,

It seems that Twitter has removed the ability to embed search feeds so it does not seem like this is possible.

See announcement: Embed live search results for # - #7 by andypiper - Twitter for Websites - Twitter Developers

If you want to embed anything other than a feed you can use this website to generate the HTML and you can paste this directly into the screen HTML.



Bummer, thanks!

I was hoping it was me that was the problem, not Twitter