Form field not editable via LFD, but via the form itself

In my App the profile field „Meine Geschichte“ (basically my backstory) can be updated either via the LFD „Das Twitterrudel“ and using the Edit function, or via the menu „update profile“.

When going via the LFD, this single field is not editable at all. On mobile, the keyboard is not displayed, also not after clicking in the field itself. All other fields work.

When going via the menu, the field can be updated on all devices. Very strange.


Hi Birgit

Can you let me know which screen in your app has the LFD displayed?

Which steps do I need to take from the home screen to get to the LFD and then the edit button so that I can check this out?

The screen in question is Login - TwitterRudelApp

The home screen is “TRD_Kachelmenü” and you go to “Das Twitterrudel”. If you select your data, the edit button will be displayed.