How your business can benefit from mobile innovation

Hi Fliplet Community!

You’re invited to a webinar that will explore ‘How your business can benefit from mobile innovation’.

For this webinar, Fliplet tech experts Samantha Jefferies and Johanna Gustaffson will show you why every area of your business can benefit from mobile innovation.

You will get to see how Fliplet’s self-service platform makes it possible to create unlimited possibilities and rapidly build an unlimited number of apps to engage, educate & transform your business.

We take a step back and delve into:

:question: What is Fliplet
:thinking: The challenges companies face
:bulb: Why customers use Fliplet to solve them
:white_check_mark: The key templates and features you need to know
:chart_with_upwards_trend: Recent case studies with results
:1st_place_medal: How apps give organizations the competitive edge

Already know about Fliplet?

:point_right: Invite your colleagues to enable them to gain an understanding of how other departments could utilise Fliplet
:point_right: Invite new colleagues to form part of their training/onboarding process

DATE: Thursday 17 March
TIME: 9-9.30am PT / 12-12.30pm ET / 4-4.30pm UK

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Samantha Jeffries, Global Head of New Business

With a background in tech sales, Sam has spent the past 5 years working within legal tech, making her adept at uncovering the needs of an organization to ensure they have the tools necessary to add value. Not afraid to go out of her comfort zone, Sam is experienced working in partnership with organizations to understand their challenges and is therefore well placed to facilitate their innovation and transformation through adopting no code/low code apps.

Johanna Gustafsson, Customer Success Team Lead

With a passion for helping people, Jo brings her 5 years of experience in Fliplet to work closely with clients to help them realise their potential and get the most out of the Fliplet platform.