Directory - Feature Requests - Visible filters and Room Occupancy

We use the Fliplet Directory. I am not sure if this is the appropriate place to post such:

  1. When entering our Directory (especially on mobile), it would be nice to have quick visible filters at the top to filter people by a few high-level categories: e.g. (Attorneys) (Staff). We have the filters that people can pop open, but they are very granular. Maybe when you used these, a pop-up helper bubble would remind people about the filters button.

  2. The Meeting Rooms section is a good idea but needs more options. First off, can room capacity be shown on the main listings (so you don’t have to click into each room to see that)? Also, having the quick visible filters that I describe in #1 above are even more important in Meeting Rooms (for example, if you are in the London office you really only want to see those rooms). Again, people tend to forget about using the filters buttons. This would promote usage.

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Thanks for the great suggestions and welcome to our community Jeff!

I believe the filters are either on or off, there aren’t ways to show some filters.

The pop up reminding people about the filters is a great suggestion and I believe we can do that with a tooltip.

Let’s see what the team suggests when they reply this week.

You can alter the list and detail view of the meeting room information via the List From Datasource (LFD) component settings. Have you tried altering what’s displayed? If you need some help using the LFD please see List from data source (LFD) component - Fliplet Knowledge Center

Hi Jeff,

As Ian mentioned, the filters are either on or off, but there are a few options that could be used to try to increase the usage of the filters:

  • The tooltip with a message to remind people about the filters is one of them.

  • We could also replace the icon with a button with the word “Filter”.

  • Finally, sometimes simple changes like choosing a different color for the icon to highlight it, might be enough for people to start noticing it.

Regarding the meeting rooms, a possibility would be to have the list pre-filtered according to the user’s office. So for example, if my profile indicates I am from New York, the meeting rooms would be pre filtered to only show those, and in case I am travelling to another office I can remove that filter, and apply another to see offices in other locations.

Let us know if you have any further questions or want to discuss any of those options in more detail.