Auto-play video in window - howto

Greetings. I have an offline video that I would like to autoplay in the app/webapp. Ideally it would play within the window itself and not be full screen. How can I accomplish this? I would appreciate knowing how for both offline and online videos. Thanks in advance.

I am using the built in player screen.

I also tried a blank screen with:

The video autoplay attribute

Hi Sheldon,

Just confirming are you using the offline and online video components?



Yes. am using both, plus a test with html code

Unfortunately our video component’s do not support inline video playback.

You can use video HTML to achieve this. See example here: What Does `playsinline` Mean in Web Video? | CSS-Tricks - CSS-Tricks

Hi. I already attempted to use HTML. With your website example:

website: video autoplay loop muted playsinline src=“…”>

Fliplet modifies it to be:

Which doesn’t play. Notice that the website example doesn’t render

If the video is in the apps root directory and called testvideo.mp4, what would be the src= ?

I was able to use the component to steal the public address but I do not think I should be using this address:

What is the local address?

If the video doesn’t play it means the url is invalid.

A few things to note:

  1. You need to get the url of the file as seen by the file manager. You can get this from this api: Media JS APIs | Fliplet Developers Documentation
  2. Once you have the url you will need to authenticate it the file so it can be played outside Fliplet studio. Media JS APIs | Fliplet Developers Documentation
  3. If you are on a mobile device and you want to download the play the file locally you can use this endpoint which will return the local/remote path depending on the device: Media JS APIs | Fliplet Developers Documentation
  4. Once you have this working you can then test with the playsinline attribute and that should allow inline video playback.

Feels complicated. What is the best source/way to execute these functions to obtain the addresses? An online tool of some sort? I am not a programmer.