My App - Sweet Paw

The goal of Sweet Paw is to provide prospecting dog owners with additional information on the breeds that may fit their lifestyle best. Also, it aims to ensure that the owners are fully prepared for their dogs before bringing them home.

It does this with the following features:

  • A list of dog breeds with their needs such as exercise and grooming.
  • News articles that provide support on topics such as vaccinations and training.
  • Assessments that help the user identify how much time and energy they have available for a dog.
  • A checklist to ensure that the owners are prepared with everything they need before bringing home their dog.
  • Comparison charts that give the user a detailed look at all the dogs that fit their lifestyle.

You can find it on Google Play and Apple

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Amazing Makayla! Dogs a really popular now thanks to the pandmeic and people spending more time at home. I think lots of people will find this useful.

What type of dog do you have?

Where did you get the information for your app from?

Thanks so much!

I have a Dachshund I made the app Icon to look just like him!

I used the American Kennel Club Website. It is very informational they have loads of information on every breed.