"Hide" temporarily one (or more) image(s) in "Slider"

Slider is a nice feature and i use it in many pages.
For example : on my “Intro” screen (homepage) i use it to show all upcoming events of the coming days.

But… sometimes, depending on the context, one of my images has no interest during the coming days… so i have to “delete” that specific slide.

But maybe 2 days later that same image (and text) is again of interest. As i had deleted it some days ago, i now have to recreate the same slide… with the same image, retype the same text…and it’s a little bit annoying…for slides that must come and go often.

Nearly every component can be hidden in fliplet, even a single text line…but not in slider.

Would it be possible to add a “visibility” on-off button in “Slider” ?

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