Custom software development & extended teams by UppLabs, Fliplet's technical partner

We are UppLabs, a software development company that provides the next services:

  1. Extended team (software engineers, tech leads, project managers)
  2. Web & mobile development (implementing new features, upgrading and enhancing the existing components (LFD, Form builder, Data source manager) with new functionality)
  3. Project management support (Agile, Scrum)
  4. Maintenance, optimizing & updates

We have 10 solid years of experience on the global market, with more than 1000+ successful deployments of our out-of-box solutions, 150+ deployed projects, and 50+ successful setups of dedicated development teams projects behind our back.

On Fliplet platform, we are responsible for web development & mobile testing:

  • implementing new features and upgrading existing components;
  • resolving bugs and optimizing aspects of components;
  • improving overall stability and quality of the product;
  • recommending improvements to the code or processes used by Fliplet;
  • mobile testing on iOS & Android devices and emulators.

If you would like to discuss anything app-related further, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Vitaliy Dyachenko, CEO & Founder