Change the FROM in emails sent from the App

We would like to change the FROM line in emails for Registration Notification Emails. Currently they are FROM a Fliplet address (

You cannot change the from email address. Only the from name can be changed if the email is being sent using custom code as mentioned here:


We would build the JS something like below. Would this go in the Global JS so it works for Registration, Forgotten Password, ect?

var options = {
from_name: “Example Name”,
headers: {
“Reply-To”: “
// Returns a promise

You will not be able to customise this for forgotten password or email verification emails as they are generated by our system internally. The JS API I linked can only be triggered based on custom code like a form submit for example.

Hi there!

We have received this request from a few customers now, so this item is on our roadmap. Whilst we can’t provide a specific date at this point, we’ll update this post to let you know as soon as the feature has been released!

Craig Lappin-Smith
Product Manager

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