SSO and form auto population of data

here it says :

Correct me if im wrong, but I dont see this being described anywhere in that document?

Hi Greg, the data fields you posted (email, given_name, surname) as part of the SAML2 standard and are meant to be exposed from the SAML2 integration you are configuring. When these fields are read from Fliplet apps they get normalized by our system into the following keys:

  • email
  • firstName
  • lastName

(as mentioned in our docs here Single Sign-on with SAML2 | Fliplet Developers Documentation)

If you want to populate a form based on those fields, these is a code snippet that should help you:

Fliplet.FormBuilder.get().then(function (form) {
  form.load(function () {
    return Fliplet.Session.passport().data().then(function (response) {
      return response.user;

This assumes you have form fields set up with the same names as the SAML fields (e.g. firstName, lastName and email). You can find more details about this integration in our documentation: Form Builder JS APIs | Fliplet Developers Documentation

Let me know if you have other any question!

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This is perfect hank you. however, now I used it, for some reason, all text elements in my form that have ticket option “Read only and cannot be edited” are invisible.

This one is before are used your code

And this is with your code (I had to include two hidden fields for surname and email, otherwise i was getting a red message saying fields are missing.

Also since i used this script, data is no longer being recorder in the datasource… temperature on the other hand is being logged as expected

UPDATE: No worries, i got a workaround using js, however why the date stop showing and getting inserted into a datasource i have no idea