Take users to different screens based on form data

I have two kinds of users for my app. All users login on the same screen.

After login, I would like to direct users to one of two different menus based on permissions I set in app data table. How can I do this?

I have a coder who can help with code.

Hi Jay

I hope you’re well. Thanks for your question.

You may find Custom security rules - Fliplet Knowledge Center article useful as it explains the basics of custom security rules and you may find this more technical article useful to explain how to write custom security rules Securing your Data Sources | Fliplet Developers Documentation

You may also find reviewing the Remote and Office Management Solution (ROMS) template which has an admin screen that sets up the custom security rule useful. Once it’s setup you can review it.

Once you’ve reviewed this let me know if you need more assistance or your developer is able to get it working?