Possibility to generate QR code based on data from DS

Hi all
I would like to generate a QR code for each individual user based on a field from a DS where I prepopulate data (an alphanumeric string)
Use case:
Let’s say we have an event where users can be checked-in by a QR code and to have a quick check-in they click within the app on “my QR code” and the code is generated based on a cell from the Userdata DS


Hi Johann,

You can do this but you will need some JS to do this. I would guess you need a few steps for this:

  1. Query the data source for the users record and to get the specific column in that data source. You can use this to query a data source: Data Sources JS APIs | Fliplet Developers Documentation
  2. If you want to get the users email to pass to the query above you will need: Session JS APIs | Fliplet Developers Documentation
  3. In order to generate your QR code based on the data you have you will need this: Fliplet.Barcode | Fliplet Developers Documentation

Hope this helps,