My App - Powerflo

The app Powerflo is a health and wellness companion that has workouts, recipes and motivation articles all in one place.

It allows users to:

  • browse through hundreds of workouts separated by type, duration and intensity
  • easily find articles on different topics, from mindfulness to motivation and success
  • add and track your physical activity - submit every time you exercise so you can stay accountable and on top of your goals
  • choose one of the hundreds healthy recipes

Hi Sofy, it would be great if you could add some screenshots so we can see what your apps key features look like.

Hi Ian, I would love to, but I am struggling to find how I can upload pictures to my post.

You can paste images into your post. Take a screenshot with cmd-shift-4 on a mac, select the area then paste into your post and your image should be uploaded.