Data Sync Options

Does Fliplet provide any alternative to sync data other than an API, such as an FTP upload?

Fliplet offers the following for uploading and downloading data:

  1. REST API. This is the most common method provided by cloud providers but it isn’t always easy to integrate with. Full documentation at REST API Documentation | Fliplet Developers Documentation
  2. Data Integration Service. This is a piece of software that is hosted by our customer on premise and can import and export data to/from files, including CSV or JSON, or databases. Full documentation at Data integration service | Fliplet Developers Documentation
  3. Fliplet Studio. This is an online tool for uploading or downloading data. Data can be exported or copied to other software applications manually. How to manage data sources is covered by How To Manage Data Sources - Fliplet Knowledge Center

Fliplet doesn’t support FTP or SFTP for uploading CSV files because customers cannot bind and configure the import process. DIS is a simple to use product that is easy for customers to configure and adjust as data export formats evolve.